Shining the spotlight on our veterans (Part 2)

Many of us have a special veteran in our life, whether it’s a spouse, parent, grandparent, child, sibling, friend, or another loved one. We asked some of you to tell us about the veteran in your life. Here are some of your stories:

“My wonderful, brave, father, Fred Fredensburg, served in the Navy during WWII, and still makes us proud to this day. He is soon to be 96, and is an incredible inspiration to all he knows and meets. Thank you, Dad. We love you.”
—Julie Fredensburg Tyner (photo)15380818_1147956058629282_9198380333937192676_n.jpg

“My brother, who was 18 years older than me, went into the Marines when I was three months old. RIP Ernest Hudson.”
—Sandi Petersen

“My husband, a Navy veteran, served in the Vietnam War. I’m very proud of Merrill and his son, Than Hathaway, currently serving in Norfolk, Va after several deployments.”
—Patty Danner Hathaway

“My mother and father served during WWII. They met at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Mom was a Lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps. Dad was a Sergeant and a medic. They fell in love and eloped. After they were married, mom was discharged. Dad rode a troop train to San Francisco. There he boarded a troop ship and sailed to Pearl Harbor. He arrived shortly after the attack. He was stationed there until he was sent to the battle of Okinawa. He told us about being on board a ship sitting off the coast until the island was taken. Once on shore, he worked in a MASH unit. He survived a typhoon, which flattened the camp. He had a camera with him all through the war. I treasure the pictures he took.” —Jane Thurston

“My wonderful husband dedicated 26 years of his life to serve and protect the values of this great United States of America. We are currently sold out to the mission and the values of the American Legion Family through Service Not Self. We are Texas proud!” —Sylvia Chess (photo) 15380773_1466430430057160_7531933197480596393_n.jpg

“I am a veteran. I joined the American Legion Auxiliary because of its proven commitment to my fellow veterans.”
—Michelle Freeman Stewart

“My dad is a living WWII Army veteran. He is 92 years young and still full of stories— some familiar— but every once in a while, he tells one I have never heard. He has lots of life experiences but is always happy and proud to be a veteran. Love you more than you will ever know, Dad.” —Donna Arends

“My husband served 11 years in the US Navy. My girlfriend and I were driving around the Long Beach, California drag scene in 1965 when he caught my eye and he chased me until he caught me. He works to further the conditions for our veterans and gives his all in what is put before him.” —Martha Sweeney15350714_1386880851346515_5257425980337349776_n.jpg

“My father Hubert Gearld Fowler was a WWII Purple Heart recipient. Although wounded in service, my father lived until he was 82. It is truly an honor to be a member of the greatest patriotic organization honoring our veterans. I wake up every day and plan my day of service to our organization, our veterans, and their families.” —Dorothy Hazen (photo)


  1. My father, Irvin G. Thomas served in the US Navy during WWII along with his two brother who were in the US Army. His one brother, Edward L. Thomas did not return as he died in a German prison camp. My husband, John A. Arnold served in the US Air Force during Korea. The I joined the US Marines in 1963 and have three brother who also served in the US Army and a brother served in the US Navy during the Vietnam Era. One brother was in Vietnam. My youngest son, John A. Arnold, Jr. just retired from the US Army on the first of May, 2016 with over 22 yrs. My father and husband has served as post commander. My husband is deceased but my dad is 93 yrs. young and still semi active on the post level. Two of my brothers are members of the same post as my dad one is know serving on the Executive Board. I have been a member of the Auxiliary since 1956 along with my two sisters.
    Evelyn Arnold, Bonnie Sloan Unit #28, New Albany, IN.


  2. Thank you for shining a
    spotlight on our wonderful, brave, courageous Vets!!!! They are all loved and appreciated!! Thank you!!!


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