Shining the spotlight on our veterans (Part 3)

Over the past few weeks we have shared stories about the special veteran in your life—whether it’s a spouse, parent, grandparent, child, sibling, friend, or another loved one. Here is the final set of stories:

1.12 Veteran-Scholl.jpg

“My wonderful father, Roland A. Schaecher, served during WWII.”
—Kathy Scholl (photo)

“My father is a former Marine and Air Force Master Sgt. as well as a Vietnam veteran. Now he’s the Adjutant for his local American Legion. He’s a great dad and the most wonderful grandpa! We all love him so and appreciate all his sacrifices for Go
d and Country.” —April Hamlett Poole

1.12 Veteran-Brittain-Sheffey.jpg“My dad, Richard Sheffey is a Vietnam veteran and it is because of his service I joined the American Legion Auxiliary. “ —Carmin Terrice Brittain-Sheffey (photo)

“I honor my grandfather Chris Gifford, who served in U.S. Army during WWII and my father, John Gallagher during Vietnam in the U.S. Army. My father was introduced to my late mother at our Legion Post from my grandmother and grandfather because my mother wanted to dance with him.” —Doreen Gallagher

“My dad, who adopted me, served in Vietnam with the U.S. Marine Corps. He is my hero. While he doesn’t talk much about his time over there, I know it was difficult, and I am honored to say he served. I also have two brothers in the Army National Guard, a stepson in the Army, a nephew in the Air Force; my uncle who has passed on was in the Army, and my oldest son just enlisted in the Army.” —Charlotte Means

1.12 Veteran-Stainbrook.jpg“The reason I serve is in honor of my grandfather, J.W. Huffman. He was on a Navy ship
during Pearl Harbor.”
—Vicky Stainbrook (photo)

“My grandfather, Robert Crotzer, was the most amazing man I ever knew. While still under the age of 18, he sought out his birth mother to get permission to enlist in the Navy to defend his country. He served in WWII and Korea. He continued to serve his brothers and sisters in arms by joining The American Legion where he instilled in his children and grandchildren a sense of pride and responsibility.” —Amber Fitzgerald


  1. My mother was the middle of 3 daughters.She was having lunch with other nurses and doctor when they heard the news of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Her parents were thankful because they had 3 daughters until Julia came home and told them she signed up to serve in the Army. Julia C. (Reese) Bross, I’m so proud of you.


  2. I’m proud of my older brother David Muller who is currently serving over seas in Northern Afghanistan. This year will mark 32 years of service for him and he’s the reason I joined the American Legion Auxiliary. God Bless our Troops and God Bless the USA!!!


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