6 ways to demonstrate your devotion on Valentine’s Day

It’s not too early to begin planning ways to surprise your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Here are some ideas to help get you started.

14 Days of Valentines

This idea brings Valentine’s Day early. Write a valentine every day to each of your loved ones, beginning Feb. 1, and share why you love them so much. One creative idea is to purchase heart-shaped sticky notes, write your message on them, and then post them on the bathroom mirror each morning for your loved one to read.

02.01 snail mail.jpgSnail Mail

Put your love letter or card into the mail. Your valentine will appreciate your thoughtfulness and the fact that you planned far enough ahead to make sure your love letter arrived on or before Valentine’s Day.

Laundry Love

If your valentine is the one who does your laundry, write a love letter addressed to him or her and leave it in a pocket. On laundry day, they’ll receive a nice surprise
from their valentine.

Video Message

Create a video message and text it to your loved one.

A Message in a Bottle 02-01-valentines-message-in-a-bottle-labeled-for-reuse

Write a love note and put it in a bottle. Make sure that when you insert it, the letter can be read from the outside. Wrap it up in a gift box and send it to your loved one.

Count the Ways in an Audio Message

With the great technology of cell phones these days, create an audio message and sing or just tell your valentine what makes them so special to you. Then text it to them.


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