The Military Child’s Table Setting Ceremony

“When an Air Force officer was asked what he needed in Iraq, he said, ‘Please don’t send cookies, care packages, or socks. Just help take care of our children.’ Our country has always supported its military in times of war through community efforts,” said First Lady Laura Bush during a White House speech in 2004. “We have a great capacity to care for the home front. Now is the time for a new victory garden. In this garden we can tend to the needs of the military child.”

4.19 MilChildTable.JPGThe American Legion Auxiliary emphasizes protecting, caring for, and supporting children and youth, particularly those of veterans and military families. Show your support for military children during April – Month of the Military Child.

The Military Child’s Table Setting Ceremony is a unique program to involve Auxiliary Junior members and younger Sons of The American Legion to honor the sacrifices of their military child friends and classmates. The ceremony is inspired by the POW/MIA remembrance table ceremony. Our military answer the call to service every day as they defend freedom around the world. That service often comes at a great personal sacrifice, not only for the servicemember, but also for their children. 4.19 Military Child Table Setting Ceremony-c.JPG

The nontraditional place setting of the Military Child’s Table Setting Ceremony includes:

  • The potted flowering plant symbolizing that a military child may flower and flourish where they are planted
  • The hand spade recognizes that they may be transplanted to a new place in the world at a moment’s notice.
  • The birthday hat and unlit candles, along with the baseball and glove, and ballet slippers represent special occasions that are missed.
  • The family photo depicting a child with his/her uniformed parent demonstrates our country’s strength.
  • The final touch to the table setting is the American flag to remind us that families are united in their commitment to national service, at home or away.

April is Month of the Military Child. This is one of several posts throughout the month of April celebrating military children.



  1. I just recently set up a table the other day in Hugh Gilbert Strickland American legion Post 138 our young junior Auxiliary members helped me gather the items and set up the table.. Waiting for the photos to post to the Public relations page.

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