The American Legion’s call for credentialing

5.12 call for credentialing.jpgMilitary members are regularly undergoing extensive training and gaining skills that earn them licenses and certifications during their service. But those experiences don’t seem to do them a bit of good once they become civilians, according to The American Legion.

Since the mid-’90s, the Legion has been calling for policymakers and industry leaders to recognize those qualifications when military members apply for similar civilian job licenses and certifications.

In 2015, the Legion once again brought up the issue during its National Credentialing Summit in Washington, D.C. While some federal laws address the issue, policies vary across the nation because many of those licenses and certifications are issued at the state level.

In describing the summit, Legion Executive Director Verna Jones said, the goal was to initiate “a ripple effect, so that each person who attends will go back to his or her company, college, legislature or association and effect real changes to help veterans get jobs.”

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