Ideas to enjoy your summer locally

How will you and your family spend your summer? Have you already made plans? Whether you want to travel and get away or experience a staycation and explore what your community has to offer, here are some ideas for you.

Resort living without the travel

Many nice resorts offer special pricing during the summer to locals. Get a room with a view and enjoy days in front of the pool, evenings sitting outside in the cool of the evening– perhaps around a small fire if the venue offers that – or take a walk around the golf course or beach if your hotel is located near one.

A foodie’s delight

Choose one night a week for dinner out. Take some time and do a little research on the best burgers, the finest ice cream, or fantastic local cuisine. Revisit some of your family favorites or take a poll, asking for recommendations from your friends about their favorite place. Don’t stop there; find out what their favorite entrée is at that particular location.

Historical sites

Step back into history with a visit to some of the great historical areas in your city. Contact the historical society for places to visit. You might be surprised to discover the stories hidden in your own backyard.

Fresh from the farm

Find out what local fruits and vegetables are raised in your area. Look for a place where you can pick your own fruit and veggies. Consider spending time outdoors with your family at a local farmers market.

Local culture

Explore the arts and crafts your city offers. Check out the local creative marketplaces and see what they have to offer. What exciting treasures await you?

Local attractions

Are there local attractions just minutes from your home? So many pass local attractions as they go by, never stopping to explore or waiting for that “someday” when they say they’ll go. Turn your someday into today this summer.

Take a hike

Do you live near lakes, mountains, or a national park? Take a picnic lunch and get outdoors.

Capture some memories

Make sure you take your camera with you and make it a point to snap a few pictures to cherish and share.

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