Today is Flag Day

Montana 2Did you notice an American flag waving in the wind today? Or did you see an increased emphasis on Old Glory? Today, June 14, is Flag Day.

So what is Flag Day all about? It is a special day for Americans to reflect on our freedoms and the principles of our great nation for which the flag stands — liberty, unity, justice, and sacrifice. Proudly display your red, white, and blue to honor these freedoms.

Flag Day is especially important to American Legion Auxiliary members, who have dedicated themselves for nearly a century to meeting the needs of our nation’s veterans, military, and families. Today, members could be found conducting flag collection and retirement ceremonies, hosting flag education, and encouraging all U.S. citizens to fly the flag.

In fact, click here to see how residents of Judith Gap, Mont., promote Americanism today and everyday by placing flags along Main Street.

It’s not too late to take part in Flag Day! All Americans across the nation will “pause” at 7 p.m. to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

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