Americanism programs for today’s youth

Getting to know the American Legion Auxiliary: Part 6

8.10 flag folding

Patriotism is not taught in schools like it was in the past. For example, the history of the poppy is more widely known in Canada because it’s part of the classroom culture.

A teacher moved from Canada to the United States. She immediately noticed a significant difference. She called the American Legion Auxiliary to ask what can be done to increase poppy awareness.

“I’m trying to bring this into the classroom, and I was dismayed when a student raised her hand and asked me, “What is a veteran?”

That was a light bulb moment!

The ALA creates opportunities for all Americans to show respect and set positive examples of living as grateful, patriotic citizens. The Auxiliary provides learning opportunities and instructional resources for important things every good citizen should know, such as learning about the U.S. Constitution and flying the American flag on patriotic holidays. Check out more details here.

This is the sixth of a six-part blog series, Getting to know the American Legion Auxiliary. Read the other posts here: Part 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.


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