Easy-to-make Poppy Ornament Sure to Make the Season Bright

Here’s a fun and easy poppy project that also shows some holiday spirit. Check out this eye-catching poppy ornament!

Poppy Ornament closeup 11.2017

Teresa Huntimer, of ALA Unit 65 in Dell Rapids, S.D., along with a host of others from her unit, put together many of these poppy ornaments for their unit’s recent Veterans Supper. The ornaments soon will adorn their unit’s Christmas tree. Huntimer said she got the poppy ornament idea from Pinterest.

On a scale of easy, moderate, or difficult, this poppy ornament project is easy – but adults may want to supervise young children doing the project.

One ornament can be crafted in as little as five minutes! Here’s what you need:

  • Clear ornaments made of plastic or glass. The ornaments are usually found at stores selling holiday decorations, or at craft stores. Make sure you buy the ornaments which have the top stem parts that can be removed and later put back into place securely.
  • Tinsel of any color or level of shine you want. TIP: Christmas tree garland is a good option because it is less likely to leave as much of a mess as tinsel strips can. Also, be sure that the color of the tinsel or garland contrasts with the color of the poppies.
  • Scissors, if you choose to use the garland. TIP: Having an adult cut the garland for the younger children is recommended. But if young children are allowed to do the cutting, consider giving them safety scissors to use. Also, supervise the children while they’re cutting.
  • A straw or chopstick.
  • Ribbon or string. TIP: If using glass ornaments, be mindful of the strength of the ribbon or string you choose.


  1. Uncover the opening of the ornament by taking off the top stem.
  2. Put some tinsel or snips of garland in the ornament. Use the straw or chopstick to help get the tinsel or garland snips down to the bottom of the ornament.
  3. Twist, roll, or scrunch the crepe paper poppies so they are narrow enough to fit into the ornament through the opening at the top. Use the straw, chopstick, or your fingers to get the poppies in the ornament.
  4. Use the straw or chopstick to open up the poppy petals inside the ornament.
  5. Cover the ornament opening with the top stem, making sure the stem is tightly in place.
  6. Insert string or decorative ribbon into the top stem, and tie the ends of the string or ribbon together so the ornament can be hung. If the ornament won’t be hung but will be on display, insert the decorative ribbon or string for added flair.

There’s your poppy ornament! Make enough to decorate your tree, to give as gifts to family and friends, or to use as a poppy item to distribute for donations that can be used for the welfare of veterans, active-duty servicemembers, and their families.

BONUS: Click here to learn more about the poppy and the American Legion Auxiliary Poppy Program. Also, check out our previous blog, “Six Interesting Facts about the Poppy.”



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