Honor Flight Continues Program for Veterans

American Legion Family members across the United States support the Honor Flight program. Honor Flight is a nonprofit organization created solely to honor veterans for their sacrifices. It transports American heroes to Washington, D.C. to visit and reflect on the memorials built in their honor and dedicated to them.

Jim, a Korean War veteran, said he just couldn’t get over all the people, hundreds of them, that came out to Plainfield High School in Plainfield, Ind. last November to welcome him home when he returned from an Honor Flight.

An honor flight in April 2017 was named the American Legion Posts and Auxiliary Units of Eastern Iowa Honor Flight because of the generous donations from those post homes.

honor flight
ALA members in Iowa supported the Honor Flight program. An Honor Flight in April was named The American Legion Posts and Auxiliary Units of Eastern Iowa Honor Flight because of generous donations.

All veterans on the flight wore T-shirts embroidered with that designation—a great way to not only help veterans, but also publicize our mission.

Stacy Shaffer from American Legion Auxiliary Unit 568 in Stevensville, Mich. said, “Juniors from Stevensville, Mich. held fundraisers to sponsor a veteran on a Talons Out Honor Flight.”

Harold Curtis, the great-grandfather of two of the Juniors, was able to go on that flight. The Juniors raised funds through bake sales, T-shirt sales, and from making and distributing poppy lapel pins.

Honor flight Harold Curtis1
Left to right: Harold Curtis, Aisley Shaffer, Corinne Shaffer, Joshua Tomlinson, Madison Tomlinson, Victor and Breelynn Wahl.

American Legion Family members gathered to welcome home 23 WWII and Korean War veterans at the San Luis Obispo Airport in California. Included in the group of veterans were  John Linder of American Legion Post 432 in Cambria, Calif., and his chaperon (daughter), American Legion Auxiliary member Stacy Baker. See the touching video here.

To learn more about the Honor Flight program, visit www.honorflight.org.

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