Cut Costs on Prescription Drugs

The costs of prescription medicine and healthcare seem to be rising constantly in America. Even generic versions of some medications can have out-of-pocket prices high enough to send a person into sticker shock.

This applies to everyone, including those on fixed incomes and caregivers looking after those with health problems. What can you do? Shop around – do price comparisons. Here are two tips to get you started. Pass these tips onto others. Maybe this information can be helpful to an ALA member, a veteran, or a caregiver you know.


Tip No. 1: Look to see if your prescription medication is available at low or no cost — and do so before a medical emergency occurs. You might be surprised at what you find.

Easy-to-use websites such as GoodRx can help you compare prices to find the best bargain for you. GoodRx tracks prescription medication prices in America and offers drug coupons. People with insurance or Medicare can also use GoodRx.

When visiting such sites, be thorough in your research. Some sites may require a membership to use the cost comparison tool, and those memberships involve a fee.

Tip No. 2: A few well-known retailers either offer for free (or sell at extremely low prices) certain types of commonly used medications, including antibiotics, diabetes medicine, cholesterol medicine, and blood pressure prescriptions.

This story was originally published in the May 2018 Auxiliary magazine. 

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