Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Veterans and Servicemembers

It’s estimated Americans spend billions of dollars on Father’s Day gifts, treats, and dinners out each year.

Sometimes, we know just what to get the dads, or father figures, in our lives for their special day. Other times, we’re puzzled as to what to get them.

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Still wondering what to get a father who is a military veteran or a servicemember? Here are some gift ideas:

  • Engraved dog tags. This is something he can wear everyday that will remind him of his loved ones. Remember, not every veteran or servicemember wants a present that reminds him of his service for various personal reasons. Assess the situation before buying something military-themed.
  • A personalized picture frame.Get creative! Have the picture frame custom-engraved with his name and rank along with a personal message that shows appreciation for his dedication to his family and country. For the finishing touches, add a family photo.
  • A personalized journal. Jot down notes of your favorite memories and stories about him. Share why you’re thankful for him. Add some pictures of him to the journal.
  • A basket of his favorite treats. You can never go wrong with food! Just gather some of dad’s favorite snacks for the perfect gift!

Giving him a special, personalized experience

How about a gift that provides a fulfilling, selfless personalized experience of helping others? For a father who is also a veteran or servicemember, offer to pay his membership dues so he can join or rejoin The American Legion, if he meets the eligibility requirements. As a Legionnaire, he would make a difference in the lives of other veterans, servicemembers, and their families, and his community’s youth.

The Legion’s eligibility requirements and membership application can be found by visiting www.legion.org and clicking the “Join” button at the top of the homepage.

Perhaps he meets the requirements for joining the Sons of The American Legion, another veteran’s service organization that helps veterans, servicemembers, their families, and local youth. Eligibility requirements and the memberhip application is at www.legion.org/sons/join.

If he’s eligible, maybe the dad or grandfather in your life may want to be part of The American Legion Riders, a motorcycle enthusiasts’ association within the American Legion Family. Legion Riders, also a service organization, is well-known for doing charitable work which has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local children’s hospitals, schools, veterans homes, severely wounded servicemembers, and scholarships.

For more information about Legion Riders and eligibility criteria, visit www.legion.org/riders/participate.

Or, go to a Legion post in your neighborhood for more details on each of these organizations.

A tribute to his military service

A unique salute to his service is another special Father’s Day present a mother, wife, daughter, sister, grandmother, granddaughter, or great-granddaughter may be able to give to a veteran or servicemember. It’s also something that may be done in memory of a deceased veteran or servicemember, if certain eligibility criteria are met.

To honor him – and help others in the process, you can join the American Legion Auxiliary – the world’s largest women’s patriotic service organization, if you’re a woman who meets the eligibility requirements. As an ALA member, you can make a difference in the lives of our nation’s veterans, military, and their families, and our community’s youth in a variety of ways.

The ALA’s eligibility requirements and membership application can be found at www.alaforveterans.org/About/Eligibility. Or, visit a Legion post in your neighborhood. ALA units are housed at Legion posts; the Legion and the Auxiliary are part of The American Legion Family, along with Sons of The American Legion, and Legion Riders.

The American Legion Auxiliary would like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all fathers – and to all parents who, for whatever reason, have to be both mother and father to their children. We salute you!


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