Junior Project: Patriotic Pillowcases for our Troops

With July Fourth just around the corner, this craft could bring the red, white, and blue to our troops stationed throughout the world. 

ALA Junior members attending the national Junior meetings in 2017-2018 took on a service project for our veterans and active-duty military servicemembers.

Across the country, Juniors decorated pillowcases with inspirational messages and drawings in the hopes of brightening a military member’s day.

The girls were encouraged to decorate the pillowcases however they’d like, but were asked to not put their full names on them (since they’re minors).


This craft can be part of a service project for Juniors at the unit, district, department, or national level. For example, Juniors at a Department of Indiana Junior meeting in March decorated the pillowcases and gave them to residents at the Indiana Veterans Home. Many of the pillowcases from the national Junior meetings went to troops deployed overseas.

To learn more about the national Junior meetings, and for the most current dates and locations, visit http://www.ALAforVeterans.org. For further questions, contact the Junior Activities program coordinator at JuniorActivities@ALAforVeterans.org or (317) 569-4500.

What You’ll Need:

1) Plain white pillowcases

2) “Stained by Sharpie” fabric markers

3) Cardboard

What To Do:

1) Decide who will receive the finished pillowcases. For example, it could be active-duty military members and/or veterans at a retirement home.

2) Plain white pillowcases are best. They can be purchased just about anywhere, including online.

3) Wash and dry pillowcases, but don’t use fabric softener.

4) Put cardboard inside the pillowcase, or the markers will bleed through.

5) Use permanent markers made for fabric decorating, such as Stained by Sharpie fabric markers. Cheaper markers will rinse out in cold water.

6) Decorate the pillowcases. Be sure to get photos of the Juniors working on them. Your fun images can be used to spread the word in local media about the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary (just be sure to obtain parent/guardian permission for photos of minors).

7) Mail out the pillowcases, or hand-deliver them to their intended recipients.

Have other craft ideas to involve Juniors? Share in the comments! 


This story originally appeared in the May 2018 Auxiliary magazine. 


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