How to Get Members to Renew

Too often the only contact a member receives is her “dues renewal notice” sent by the American Legion Auxiliary National Headquarters office. Personal connection is necessary to help members become engaged in the organization. Below are samples for how units can reach out and make a personal connection with their members and ask them to renew their membership:

• Personal phone call: Remind members why they joined the American Legion Auxiliary. Share the ways your unit has made a difference in the lives of veterans in your community, state, and country. Encourage them to become a part of activities. Transportation may be an issue, so if your unit members can offer to provide a ride, this may be the key to increasing involvement. Offer to pick up their dues at a scheduled time.
• Personal letter: Send letters out to all of your members at the beginning of the Auxiliary year. Outline the events on a calendar for all of the exciting things your unit is planning throughout the year and let members know that their membership is important to the mission of the organization. To view a sample letter, visit and click on “how to get members to renew on the lefthand side.”
• Renewal Open House: Host an event at the beginning of the year where members can come renew their dues and mingle with other members. Encourage them to bring other family members along. These family members may be eligible for membership, but if not, remind them they are welcome to attend activities and that you do welcome their help in advancing the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary. Combine this event with your Legion Family. It is a win-win for everyone.
• Plan a Member Day of Recognition: Everyone needs a pat on the back or a “way to go.” At your meetings, you can share information about a member’s family history with the Auxiliary, what she is doing to advance the mission of the Auxiliary, her community service work, etc. Then share this information with your division membership chairman so we can begin to share her accomplishments with the entire American Legion Auxiliary membership.
• Share your own personal experience as a member: Let your members know there will be ups and downs, but to always keep their eye on the big picture – the mission of the Auxiliary – not just personal rewards.

For more tools and tips on American Legion Auxiliary membership, visit



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