Ideas to Educate, Celebrate U.S. Constitution Day

U.S. Constitution Day is Sept. 17. The American Legion Auxiliary has developed the “Star Spangled” Kids initiative to educate children and youth about the history of the United States from the aspects of patriotism, Americanism, and the U.S. Constitution.

Auxiliary members can partner with the American Legion Family or team up with their education chairman to bring veterans or active-duty military into the classrooms to talk about what their service means in terms of defending the Constitution.

Constitution Day

Below are a few ideas for members, units, and departments:


  • Offer to make a presentation at your local schools. Invite post members to help students learn how their military service was meaningful in defending the U.S. Constitution.
  • Contact local high school officials and ask them to encourage their students to use their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution by participating in The American Legion Oratorical Contest. Visit for more information on the contest.


  • Create a Unit Citizenship Award for children and youth who have learned the ideals of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Share a fact about the U.S. Constitution each month in the unit newsletter, a local newspaper (letter to the editor or a guest editorial), and/or on social media.
  • Host a party that revolves around the U.S. Constitution for children.
  • Print and distribute pocket-sized constitutions to students.


  • Share a fact about the U.S. Constitution each month in the department bulletin.
  • Offer incentives to units for starting a “Star Spangled Kids” activity.

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