What can you do for National Veterans and Military Families Month?

Information from: militarybenefits.info/military-family-month

Each November, the U.S. president signs a proclamation declaring November National Veterans and Military Families Month. With hundreds of thousands of servicemembers deployed overseas, recognizing the daily sacrifices made by military families is very important.

There are many services provided nationwide and locally to show appreciation during November. Here are a few:


The following are a few ways to increase awareness, and provide support to the military community:

  • Donate a Thanksgiving gift to junior-enlisted members and their families through the USO-Metro’s Turkeys for Troops.
  • Create a spouse or servicemember care package with items that would help ease stress during a deployment.
  • Adopt-a-Soldier for the holidays
  • Create a spouse care package for them to help reduce stress during training, deployment, and PCS moves and relocations.
  • Thank an active-duty servicemember, veteran, military spouse, or military child for their service.
  • Visit war memorials with your family to teach your children the value of service.
  • Fly the U.S. flag.
  • Adopt a military family for the holidays by sponsoring a food basket or toys for junior-enlisted military families through the ASYMCA’s Operation Holiday Joy.
  • Offer a military neighbor a bit of respite with volunteer child care so the military neighbor can run errands or just take a few hours’ break to recharge.
  • See someone in military uniform? Thank them for their service or surprise them with a free dessert, coffee, or other treat if they are in line behind you or in the same restaurant, coffee shop, or bakery as you.

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