ALA member proud to be a U.S. Army soldier

Sgt. 1st Class Tifani Hightower

When American Legion Auxiliary member U.S. Army Reserve Sgt. 1st Class Tifani M. Hightower joined the military, she had no idea how her service to our nation would contribute to her personal development. She points to benefits with value that can’t be measured in dollars.

“Nine years later, I’m still here, due to the intangible benefits: the pride I have for myself and the uniform that I wear, the self-confidence that has been built from the success and failures throughout my personal and Army career; and the warrior inside of me who is awakened every day when I think about the Army’s values, and what it means to be a soldier,” Hightower said.

Hightower’s initial interests in joining the military were the material benefits, such as student loan repayment. But as she said, she got so much more in return.

“I’m part of a very large team, and I feel and know that my presence is just as important as the next person’s. I love being a soldier!” she added.

Hightower has a similar feeling about the American Legion Auxiliary. Her first exposure to ALA was when she was a guest speaker at a national Junior meeting in in Atlanta in January 2017, and again at the national Junior meeting in Las Vegas a year later. She joined the ALA in 2018 and is a member of eUnit 438.

Hightower is one of many active military servicemembers who are part of the American Legion Auxiliary – the world’s largest women’s patriotic service organization.

Scores of women veterans and direct female descendants of male veterans who meet the ALA’s membership eligibility requirements also have been part of the American Legion Auxiliary’s nearly century-old legacy of selfless service aimed at honoring and helping our nation’s military, veterans, and their families. That, plus promoting patriotism, mentoring youth and contributing to our communities, are at the heart of ALA’s mission.

ALA members are from a variety of backgrounds, ages, personal experiences, cultures, and different walks of life. They live in various parts of the United States, and in a few locations abroad. We respect and appreciate those differences which make our members who they are as individuals. We know that we can learn from each other’s different experiences and points of view, and become stronger. At the same time, we unite under the common cause embodied by ALA’s longstanding tradition of aiding, honoring, and advocating for our military heroes.

We thank Sgt. 1st Class Hightower for her service to our nation, and we welcome her with open arms to the American Legion Auxiliary!

A little more about Sgt. 1st Class Tifani M. Hightower …

Originally from Preston, Ga., Hightower is the second oldest of five children in her family. She was the first among her siblings to earn a college degree, and she is among the four of the siblings currently serving in the United States Army and Army Reserve.

Hightower is currently assigned as station commander to the Tustin Recruiting Center in Santa Ana, Calif.

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  1. Tiffany, I am soooooo proud of you and glad to have worked with in First Army, G6 with General Honore. Trail Blazer, that’s what you are, SFC in 9 years, college graduate, and Station Commander WOW!!! Tiffany keep on mentoring and teaching soldiers Army Values. HOOAH!!!


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