What to know as a new Auxiliary member

Thank you for becoming part of the American Legion Auxiliary (ALA), the world’s largest women’s patriotic service organization!

Here is an overview of who we are and what we do, but there is so much more about why we matter. We encourage you to take our free online orientation course, “ALA 101,” the first course in our ALA Academy. These online courses provide our members with information to help us better serve our mission. Log in today at www.ALAforVeterans.org/ALA-Academy.

We have lots of useful information available for members on the national ALA website. Accessing free information for members only is as easy as creating a username and password. Simply click on “Log In” at the top-right corner of our homepage at www.ALAforVeterans.org, and thousands of helpful resources are now at your fingertips.

Our relationship to The American Legion 

The ALA was founded in 1919 to support The American Legion, the largest organization of U.S. wartime veterans. Our mutual purpose is to make life better for our veterans, military, and their families. We work steadfastly, side by side, promoting patriotism and national security while supporting youth and advocating for those who have served our country.

ALA units 

The American Legion Auxiliary unit is where grassroots work of the Auxiliary takes place. There are more than 8,000 ALA units nationwide. At the local level, The American Legion is called a post, and the Auxiliary is called a unit. All ALA units are attached to a Legion post, taking its name, location, and number (e.g., John P. Hand American Legion Auxiliary Unit 250), but units are not obligated to meet at the Legion post. If the post is no longer active, a unit may continue to function as what’s called a widow unit. Sons of The American Legion groups within Legion posts at the community level are referred to as squadrons.

A note about ALA membership dues

An American Legion Auxiliary member’s dues are made up of three portions, representing the three levels of our organization — national, department (state), and unit. The dues amount listed on your renewal notice is a total of these three portions. Membership dues are paid annually and can be paid directly to your unit, by calling ALA National Headquarters at (317) 569-4500, or by logging in to your profile on the national website at www.ALAforVeterans.org and paying your dues online. The Auxiliary membership year is Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. Members pay dues prior to the start of the upcoming membership year, and many units start collecting dues six months in advance.


Unit officers 

Each ALA unit has a set of officers. Your unit can tell you more about the members who hold these offices, along with their specific responsibilities. The American Legion Auxiliary Unit Guidebook, available at www.ALAforVeterans.org, also provides information about how a unit functions.

ALA national programs/committees

The following is a list of all national level programs/committees in the ALA. Departments and units may have all of these programs, some, or additional committees included in their activities. Please visit www.ALAforVeterans.org for more information on ALA programs.

  • Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation
  • Legislative
  • Poppy
  • Past Presidents Parley
  • Children & Youth
  • Community Service
  • Junior Activities
  • Education
  • Americanism
  • ALA Girls Nation
  • National Security
  • Membership
  • Auxiliary Emergency Fund
  • History
  • Leadership
  • Public Relations
  • Constitution & Bylaws
  • Finance
  • Audit Committee

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is The American Legion “Family”?

The American Legion Family is comprised of The American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary, and Sons of The American Legion. The Legion Family also includes American Legion Riders, a program of American Legion Family members for motorcycle enthusiasts. While members of The American Legion Family are individually unique, collectively we are a multi-million member powerhouse of caring advocates dedicated to service.

What are the advantages of American Legion Auxiliary membership?

The ALA is a remarkable organization with nearly 100 years of service to veterans and the nation’s communities. In addition to the personal gratification and rewards gained in voluntary service, there are many tangible benefits for members of the ALA. Members receive a complimentary subscription to the Auxiliary’s national quarterly magazine and have exclusive access to a wide variety of discount services and supplemental insurance products. Members can also receive discounts for things such as vehicles, eyeglasses, prescriptions, rental cars, restaurants, department stores, and popular entertainment venue tickets. The Auxiliary Emergency Fund is a national grant assistance program that provides temporary emergency help to eligible members of the American Legion Auxiliary who have suffered a significant financial setback as the result of an act of nature or other personal crisis.

What if I need to update my name and/or address? Can I do this online?

Members whose dues are current can create an account to log in to the Members Only area on the national website to update their name, mailing address, phone number, and email address at any time. If log-in assistance is needed, email ALAMIShelp@ALAforVeterans.org.

I paid my ALA dues. Why haven’t I received my membership card?

Units are to provide members their card upon payment of dues. A member who has paid her dues but has not received her membership card needs to contact her unit or department headquarters. The National Organization ships pre-printed membership cards for the upcoming membership year to each department prior to their annual department convention dates (usually between May and July) so that departments can distribute the cards to their units at that time.

How do I find my member ID number?

New members receive a ‘Thank you for joining’ postcard after they join. Their member ID number is located on the address label of this postcard. A member’s ID number is also listed on the address label of their quarterly Auxiliary magazine. Members can email membership@ALAforVeterans.org to request their ID number. Members will need their ID number in order to create their online profile on the national website.

Again, welcome to the American Legion Auxiliary! 



  1. I am the Dept. of CT Membership Chairman and having this on Facebook is a great idea. I’m sure we will get new members through this as well as inform other members about who we are and what our Mission is. Thank you for posting this.


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