Learn how to make a poppy corsage

The red poppy has been associated with The American Legion Family since the 1920s. This flower serves as a visual reminder of the sacrifice of service made by our veterans.

The traditional poppy handed out by The Legion Family is made of crepe paper. Over the years, ALA members have found creative ways to incorporate the flower into other items, such as ornaments and crafts.

ALA member Betty Zoller of Terre Haute, Ind., has created a poppy corsage that members across the country have fallen in love with. Since posting her creation on social media, she has received many requests from members across the country for instructions on how to make it.


Zoller originally made the corsages to honor prisoners of war. She was inspired to make her first one while watching Sen. John McCain’s funeral. The corsages represent several things. The 13 stars on the ribbon represent the soldiers, the yellow ribbon is for those deployed, and the black ribbon represents Prisoners of War.

Zoller has made close to 300 of these poppy corsages since September 2018.

“I have handed out over 200 to veterans and 100 to people who have given donations in return for them,” said Zoller.

She keeps a few with her at all times, so she can give one to every veteran she sees.

Zoller has a personal connection to veterans. She has had a family member serve in all wars since World War I, including her son.

This year, National Poppy Day® is May 24. For more information on the poppy, visit www.ALAforVeterans.org.

Are you ready to create your own? Zoller shares how she makes the corsages:

What You Need:

  • Ribbon with stars
  • Yellow ribbon
  • Black ribbon
  • Glue stick
  • Hot glue gun
  • Poppy
  • Safety pin

What to Do:

  1. Count 13 stars on ribbon and cut at angles on the ends
  2. Twist and hot glue together
  3. Cut ¼ inch yellow ribbon
  4. Cut ¼ inch black ribbon
  5. Use the glue stick to attach black ribbon on top of yellow ribbon
  6. Twist and hot glue together
  7. Cut down top of poppy
  8. Fluff up the poppy and hot glue on top of other ribbons
  9. Attach a safety pin

Have you made a poppy corsage? Share with us in the comments!

poppy corsage



  1. I am a meme er of the legion auxiliary since 1995 . My father and I would get donations for poppies . Some people would ask , how much do they cost . I had the poem Flanders field , when we was in the mall . Posted in front of us . We explain that is why we do collect for the veterans . I have been up. VAMC over 25 years now , I started with the DAV.


  2. I sometimes tell the kids to Google “Flanders Field” on their computers. But having the poem right there, on a big Poster sounds like a Good idea, too! Thanks for your Kindness to Veterans! Action is so much nicer than that lip service line ‘thank you for your service’.


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