Easter-themed fundraiser: “Egg” my house

Easter is right around the corner. For many children, the best part of Easter is the anticipation and excitement of the egg hunt. But as a parent or grandparent, finding time to hide the eggs when there are so many other things on your to-do list, can be a challenge. That’s where your ALA unit can step in this year.

Offer to set up egg hunts in local families’ yards this Easter in exchange for donations to support programs at your local unit. This is a fun way to engage new potential members and raise funds, all while bringing a little bit of joy to the kids in your area.

Start by passing out flyers in your neighborhoods. Make sure to include an “RSVP by” date on your flyer, allowing yourself enough time to prepare before Easter. In addition, ask for their address, a time to place the eggs, and their phone number so you can let them know that the Easter bunny stopped by.


Ask for donations according to how many eggs each house would like the Easter bunny to bring, keeping in mind pricing may differ depending on your location. For example:

  • 25 eggs- $25
  • 50 eggs- $40
  • 100 eggs- $75

When the RSVP’s come in, go buy the appropriate number of eggs (check out the dollar store), some bags of candy, and get stuffing!

Invite all your unit members to fill and hide the eggs. Be sure to get Juniors involved for a fun, active event for all.

Make sure to brand your flyers and take photos filling eggs while wearing your ALA gear and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We love seeing all the fun ways our different ALA units raise money!

For more information on branding, visit the Members Only page on the national website (requires login) at www.ALAforVeterans.org.

Our social media:

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/ALAforVeterans

Twitter: Twitter.com/ALAforVeterans

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/ALAforVeterans





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