Summer-themed fundraiser: Outdoor family movie night

Get everyone out and about this summer with an outdoor family movie night fundraiser for your American Legion Auxiliary unit. It is a great way to spend time with family, raise community awareness of the ALA, collect donations, and of course, enjoy a good movie!

Start by picking a date and time when your unit members can volunteer. It should start shortly after the sun goes down for the movie to be seen.

Then, find a location. You could project the movie on the side of a plain white building or house, on an inflatable movie screen you can rent, or just on a large, white bed sheet tied onto a gazebo at your local park. Make sure to get permission if you’re using a community space.

outdoor movie night1

You will also need some equipment for this fundraiser, including a projector, a DVD player, and speakers. Make sure you have access to an outlet wherever you plan to do this, as these will all need power.

When you have these details in place, the rest is up to you! Pick a popular, family-friendly movie to play (or two if you want to do a drive-in style double feature), set an admission price, and get the word out. Use social media, print out fliers to leave around town, or have it announced at your local schools. Don’t be afraid to ask – it can only help the cause!

Make sure to include ALA branding and information about the organization on the flier, along with the movie(s) that will be shown, location, date, and time. It is also important to tell attendees to bring their own foldable chairs or blankets to sit on while they enjoy the movie.

On the day of the event, arrive and set up early. Make sure your technology is in working order, your screen is clear and visible, and the speakers are loud enough to hear. Decorate the area to make it even more special! Set up a concessions table with snacks and drinks for purchase, as well as any ALA brochures or informative fliers you may have.

When guests arrive, thank them for coming and for their donations to your unit. Give a brief speech before the movie starts about the ALA, what the organization means to you, and how grateful you are they came to support the mission. Then turn on the movie, relax, and enjoy!

Share your successful movie night or other exciting fundraising victories with us at or on social media @ ALAforVeterans.

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