Poppies to Remember

National Poppy Day® is May 24th this year.

Poem written by guest blogger Anne Marie Fuller, American Legion Auxiliary member of James McDermott Unit 172 in California



From Flanders Fields in WWI,

The poppy’s work is not done,

May we never forget; not even one.


For the blood red poppies represent,

A remembrance of what it meant,

And the price that was spent.


The poppies still flourish like new snow,

Even though the harsh winds of yesterday may blow,

The flowing blankets of poppies still grow.


Today the poppies are silently worn,

By our heroes who continue to mourn,

As a new generation is born.


In years to come, the poppies will live on,

As each morning brings a new dawn,

For the memory of the fallen will never be gone.


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