Do’s and don’ts for social media

Guest blog by Nancy Moses, 2018-2019 National Public Relations Committee Southern Division Chairman

Did you know there are 2.3 billion* monthly active users on Facebook? What a great platform for us to promote our American Legion Auxiliary brand and the great work we do! Listed below are lots of do’s and a few don’ts that will assist you in creating the best social media page ever.

social media


  • Create a page with a name that is easy to remember and that reflects our brand. For example, American Legion Auxiliary Unit 201, Sayville, Ky. lets them know who you are and where you are. Another page name to consider is: ALA Unit 201, Sayville, Ky. Always put our location because each state could have the same unit number.
  • Always put our emblem on the page correctly and in a prominent position. (See emblem usage for guidelines, found on the national website under Public Relations)
  • Tell our story by promoting positive pictures and words explaining your activities.
  • Before creating a page, make sure there isn’t a page already established for your purpose. If there is a page, find the administrator of the page so you can gain access. When a person searches for your page, they shouldn’t see several pages with the same or almost identical names. This causes confusion and is more prevalent than you think.
  • If you are the administrator for a social media account and step down or take another position, transfer the administrator rights to the new person to ensure continuity.
  • Complete the “about page” and “our story” page to further communicate our mission.
  • Refresh your page on a consistent basis with pictures, stories, quotes, and positive American Legion Family items that will draw the viewer in and make them want to visit often.
  • Share your page with friends, family, and others to promote our organization.
  • It is better to use only a select few pictures that are in focus and clearly show the event and what it was about than to use many photos that are just candid shots with no particular meaning.
  • Visit and like the national American Legion Auxiliary Public Relations page at


  • Don’t post pictures that show American Legion Family members drinking alcohol.
  • Don’t post rants or criticisms of members or other organizations.
  • Don’t create a page and then never update it. A Facebook page is an ongoing history of your organization.
  • Don’t post pictures of events without a title. Make sure you post your unit name, number, city, and state. Someone from Ohio could be viewing something from a unit in North Carolina, but have no clue where it is based on only a unit number.
  • Don’t forget to SMILE in your pictures and put your best Auxiliary face forward.
  • Don’t use site for your personal use — for instance to promote your business. You can do that on your own Facebook page. The PR page is to tell about the great works of the Auxiliary.



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