Mother/daughter duo on road to recovery following Tropical Storm Imelda; both awarded Auxiliary Emergency Fund grants

Georgine Guillory has been an American Legion Auxiliary member of Unit 817 in Beaumont, Texas, for nearly two decades. During that time, Georgine has made it her mission to stay active in the organization and help others.

“I’ve been doing public relations, promoting membership, fundraising for veterans, giving out poppies, and getting all six of my grandchildren involved,” said Georgine.

In September, she found herself on the receiving end. Tropical Storm Imelda wreaked havoc on southeastern Texas, dropping torrential amounts of rainfall, especially at her home in Beaumont, where nearly 2 feet fell in just a few hours. Georgine said flooding led to damage all throughout her home, forcing her to replace appliances and drywall.

Guillory Damage Photo
Home damage done by Tropical Storm Imelda.

“I’ve never been affected so much mentally and physically,” she said.

Just two miles away, Georgine’s mother Nathalie, also an ALA member of Unit 817 for more than two decades, sustained roughly $20,000 in damages to her home.

By virtue of being an ALA member, Georgine knew about the Auxiliary Emergency Fund and what it had to offer. So, she and her mother both applied for assistance. “The application process was really easy,” said Georgine. Both were approved for a $2,400 grant which helped with down payments for repairs, movers, and removing damaged items before mold began to set in.

As of now, restoration work has begun on both homes.

“There is hope as I see the work being done to repair and make a comeback,” Georgine said. “Once I saw the first day of restoration, my heartbeat came back.”

Georgine said she’s always been one to give, but now she’s determined to give even more.

“I think my will was tested, but my faith stayed the course,” she said.

For 50 years, the AEF has provided support to many Auxiliary members, but your help is needed to keep it going. It doesn’t matter how much you’re able to donate. What matters is that you’re helping create a positive impact on the lives of your fellow ALA members.

Donating online is simple – just click here and pick Auxiliary Emergency Fund when prompted to choose which fund you would like to donate to before completing the process.

Prefer to mail a check instead? Write “AEF” in the memo and mail a check made payable to American Legion Auxiliary. Send to:

American Legion Auxiliary National Headquarters
Attn: Development Division
3450 Founders Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268

When you give to the Auxiliary Emergency Fund, you’re not just helping a fellow Auxiliary member. You’re also giving them hope during trying times. This is the essence of members helping members.


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