Show your poppy pride with this choker/bracelet for Juniors

National Poppy Day® is just around the corner! Those who have attended national Junior meetings made poppy choker/bracelets — and now you can too. This project is fun, easy, and suitable for a wide range of ages. Happy crafting!


What You Need:

1) Red felt, approximately 2”x 2” per poppy.

2) 1/2” black felt circles, pre-cut with sticky backs.

3) Small adhesive rhinestone gems, 5mm.

4) 3/4 – 7/8” black ribbon. Velvet works well.

5) Small adhesive-backed hook and loop fastener dots.

6) Glue gun and glue sticks.

What To Do:

1) Trace poppy design onto red felt, using poppy template or freehand.

2) Cut out poppy.

3) Remove backing from black felt circle; place circle in middle of poppy.

4) Remove rhinestone gem and place in center of black circle.

5) Cut ribbon to 1” longer than needed for choker or bracelet.

6) Remove a set of hook and loop fastener dots. Place one on each end of ribbon so they align.

7) Use glue gun to adhere poppy to ribbon.


This was originally published in the February 2020 Auxiliary magazine. 


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