Supporting ALA’s mission with a long-term membership

How being Paid Up For Life supports our community of volunteers serving veterans, military, and their families

Paid Up For Life: National President Nicole Clapp with her PUFL membership card.

The reasons for making the commitment to becoming a Paid Up For Life (PUFL) member of the American Legion Auxiliary may vary for each person. But there’s one thing every PUFL has in common – their membership ensures the Auxiliary can continue to serve the mission into the future.

Pronounced “puffle” in informal ALA terms, PUFL members are important to the longevity of the organization. By having PUFL memberships, the Auxiliary can count on a certain amount of revenue, making possible the continuation of mission and related programs. Instead of projecting a one-year commitment in dues, the ALA can project long-range revenue.

A PUFL membership demonstrates a lifelong commitment to the American Legion Auxiliary and veterans, military, and their families. “As a fairly new member back in 2000, I became impressed with the American Legion Auxiliary mission. It aligned with my passion to serve our veterans, children, and community,” said Cherril Threte of Indiana. “It was worth every penny.”

For Kat Kessler of Illinois, her PUFL membership demonstrates her appreciation for veterans. “I am a PUFL and proud of it. When I decided to make the commitment to join the ALA, it was for life. Veterans gave their lives for this great country and our freedom, and the least I could do was commit to serve them for the remainder of mine.”

In addition to showing a commitment to the ALA and the mission, there are several other benefits to becoming a PUFL member:

  • Pay once and never be concerned about your dues again. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to renew your membership.
  • A rate change in dues won’t affect you. The PUFL rate is calculated based on the current dues rate.
  • The honor of being committed to the American Legion Auxiliary for a lifetime!
  • Lifetime subscription to Auxiliary

Consider gifting a PUFL membership

Do you know someone who would be honored to receive a PUFL membership as a gift? This is how several current PUFLs received their membership, including ALA National President Nicole Clapp. “I was fortunate to receive PUFL membership as a gift from my Unit 127 in Gladbrook, Iowa, before I took it upon myself to fulfill a commitment I had planned to do. It is an honor to support and give back to the organization in which I was raised. I am very proud of my 45 years of membership, of which four years and hopefully many decades to come are as a PUFL.”

For Noelle Bonjour of South Dakota, a PUFL membership was a gift that demonstrated her family’s commitment to the ALA. “When PUFLs first became available, Grandma paid for Mom’s. Years later, my mom, in turn, paid for mine. I have no kids of my own, but I do hope to someday pass on the tradition and pay the PUFL membership for someone else.”

To make your commitment in becoming a PUFL member, go to


Why did you become a PUFL?

Loretta Shellman-c

“I knew I would never want to not belong, so I figured this was the easiest way to keep from ever forgetting to renew.” – Loretta Shellman


Deborah Guenther_DE-c

“To honor those who sacrificed everything for our freedom.” – Deborah Guenter


Darlene Johnson-c

“I am a PUFL, as I wanted to show a lifelong commitment to the organization.” – Darlene Johnson


Darla Davidson-c“My grandma made herself, my mom, and me PUFL members around the time I was department Junior president. It was a way to honor us, knowing we would continue to be active in years to come.” – Darla Davidson


This article was originally published in the May 2020 Auxiliary magazine. 


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